I'm Sam Jon Smith
Full Stack Freelance Web Developer

Technical lead and full stack freelance developer with vast experience in the industry.

16 Years
‘In the biz’

...but who's counting?

  • Full Stack Technical Lead
  • A Decade of Agency Experience
  • Lead Developer on Award Winning Projects
  • First-class BSc Computer Science
  • Longhurst Prize Winner
Me and my dog


HTML5/CSS3, WordPress,
WooCommerce & API Integrations

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I just wanted to say a super big thank you for all your hard work and expertise in getting the new website launched. I don't think the complexity of this beast could ever be overestimated! It was a great team effort with a fantastic end result.


I'm Sam, a 30-odd year old full stack freelance web developer, working from my home studio in Leicester. This is a brief and transparent history of my career in the industry and why I think I'd be a good fit for you.

I left school at 16 with ambitions of becoming a games developer - I dropped out of college within a month after learning we wouldn't code HTML until year 3 (I'd been doing it since age 12). I landed my first job as a junior web developer at Easy Internet. I learned a lot and became a key member of the team.

When I hit 21 I had a bit of a confidence crisis, came out as gay, and went back to college to become a designer. After doing one year of graphic design at uni I found out I couldn't draw and quit. I went back to what I was good at and started a degree in computer science whilst also kicking off my first stint freelancing.

At 25 I graduated with a first class degree from the University of Lincoln, achieved the joint highest grade in the course for my dissertation and was awarded the Longhurst Award - which to this day I still have no idea what it is, but I ran with it as I was now an 'award winning developer'.

Freelancing was going great - then life took me back to Leicester and a job at an agency called Eazy Tiger (different 'easy' this time).

That job was the bump in the road that led me to effect where I started as a full stack developer, quickly became lead developer and then ultimately became head of development. Whilst I was working at effect it became an award winning agency and I worked on amazing projects with a really talented group of people.

I gained a ton of confidence, levelled up my skills, bought a house and - eek - had the itch to freelance again. I quit (but gave loads and loads of notice don't worry), got a dog and started freelancing again - and that brings us to now and hopefully your next project.

If you made it this far you'll know I'm a straight to the point, real human developer, that you can trust to work on your next project or join your team (large or small).

Whether you're a marketing team missing someone techy, a digital agency in need of extra capacity, a creative studio looking to add digital to your capabilities, a fellow freelancer or a budding start-up - I'd love to work with you on your project.



I work on all aspects of a web development project - front to back. This is my core stack, and I'm always trying out new stuff to keep fresh and learn new skills.

  • PHP (OO, MVC), Laravel
  • JAMstack, NodeJS, ES6 JavaScript
  • Vue.js, React, Angular, jQuery
  • HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap
  • NPM/Yarn, Webpack, Gulp
  • SOAP + REST API Integrations
  • React Native, Apache Cordova


I've worked with WordPress for over a decade and it now powers over 31% of the web - from blogs to e-commerce sites turning over millions.

  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce Integration & Extension
  • Headless CMS and Bespoke Setups
  • API Integrations
  • Deployment, Optimisation, Backups
  • Maintenance & Security Updates


Throughout my career I've been more involved in WebOps than most developers. Including managing servers with thousands of visitors per second (pizza in hand).

  • Ubuntu, CentOs, CloudLinux, cPanel/WHM
  • LEMP, LAMP, NodeJS, PM2, Redis
  • Deployment, Ansible, CI/CD, Version Control (GIT)
  • Monitoring, Optimisation & Maintenance
  • Digital Ocean, AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS)
  • Backups, Restores & Audits
  • Specification Consultation


WordPress, VueJS, HTML5/CSS3

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I just wanted to drop you a separate note to say a huge thank from all of us for all of your support with the website and helping us achieve our deadline - Can’t tell you how pleased we are with the site, we’re super chuffed – it’s everything we hoped for and more 😊

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